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Analysing whether a country's policies and actions sustainably increase its wellbeing

Since we stopped measuring success through military victories, money (and GDP in particular) has been the most common economic measure of a country’s success. A 2009 study by economists Amartya Sen, Joseph Stiglitz, and Jean-Paul...

Do Local Property Taxes Affect New Building Development? Results from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in New Zealand

This paper takes advantage of a quasi-natural experiment in local property tax reform that arose from the amalgamation of several local councils in 2010 in Auckland, New Zealand, to form a unitary local authority. The...

Employment misclassification in survey and administrative reports

This paper analyses measurement error in the classification of employment using matched survey and administrative data from New Zealand. We show that the true employment rate and time-invariant error rates can be identified, given access...

Eighty years of urban development in New Zealand: impacts of economic and natural factors

We analyse impacts of economic and other factors on long-run urban growth in New Zealand. Growing cities must have preferred attributes (such as natural characteristics, social amenities and transport infrastructures) relative to other cities. We...

Income or Consumption: Which Better Predicts Subjective Wellbeing?

How should we predict    wellbeing? Use consumption    rather than income.    
The positive relationship between income and subjective wellbeing has been well documented. However, work assessing the relationship of alternative material wellbeing metrics...

Major milestones of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

When it was introduced in 2008, the NZ ETS was the first emissions trading system in the world designed to cover all sectors of the economy (with phased entry) and the six major greenhouse gases....

New Zealand's Low Emission Future: Transformational Pathways

What we do matters      The choices we make today         Safeguard our futureFrom May 2014 through February 2016, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research convened a group of about 20 cross-sector stakeholders...

Idea Bank of Pathway Milestones for New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future

Low-Emission Future Dialogue participants recognised that other experts were already conducting technical and economic assessment of New Zealand’s mitigation options, and sought to complement that effort by exploring what changes across society could help to turn...

A Timeline of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme

Emissions trading can be a powerful tool for helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An ETS transforms a regulatory limit on emissions into an emissions price set by the marketplace, creating economic incentives for producers,...

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