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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Insurance, housing and climate adaptation: Current knowledge and future research

Insurance, housing    Are hard climate change issues    Let’s research and talk    Climate change will inevitably threaten New Zealand’s coastal housing, but the exact nature of that threat will depend on the insurance...

Modelling the potential impact of New Zealand’s freshwater reforms on land-based Greenhouse Gas emissions

Clean water is good    Does it reduce climate change? Alas, not that much.The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (NPS-FM) establishes the need to set and manage water resources within limits. This report is...

Empirical evidence on mitigation and co-benefit potential on dairy and sheep-beef farms with currently used farm practices

In 2014, the New Zealand government released the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, largely aiming at controlling nutrient leaching across the country. What effects will this reform be likely to have on greenhouse gases?This...

Land-use Contaminant Loads and Mitigation Costs

A great deal of research has been carried out to quantify the processes, transformations and effects of contaminant loss from land to water, as well as to identify strategies to mitigate contaminant losses to freshwater...

Freshwater contaminant limit assessment of the regions

This report provides freshwater contaminant limit assessments for the regions for phosphorus, nitrogen, E. coli, and sediment. The assessments will be used for a national modelling exercise using New Zealand Forestry and Agricultural Regional Model...

New Zealand’s freshwater reforms: what are the potential impacts on greenhouse gas emissions?

Clean water is good     Does it reduce climate change?     Alas, not that much.    This report is a synthesis of results from two independent studies and was originally prepared for the...

Cool food: Agricultural emissions reduction and tech opportunities

On-farm mitigation is not enough to meet climate targets cost-effectively. Diversifying land use is valuable anyway:economic risks e.g. synthetic meat and milk; consumer pressure
climate change risks and opportunities

New Zealand's Low Emission Future: Transformational Pathways

What we do matters      The choices we make today         Safeguard our futureFrom May 2014 through February 2016, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research convened a group of about 20 cross-sector stakeholders...

Idea Bank of Pathway Milestones for New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future

Low-Emission Future Dialogue participants recognised that other experts were already conducting technical and economic assessment of New Zealand’s mitigation options, and sought to complement that effort by exploring what changes across society could help to turn...

Assessing New Zealand's climate target ambition

Catherine Leining, Brian Fallow and James Renwick provide perspectives on NZ's climate change approach, as revealed at a panel discussion on 'New Zealand at Paris Climate Talks: Leader, Follower or... Laggard?'
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