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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Productivity and the Allocation of Skills

Graduates learn skills    Earnings and production grow    Does the job matter?    We use linked employer-employee data from 2004–2012, combined with individual qualifications data from 1994–2012, to study how graduates with different skills...

The Effect of Fibre Broadband on Student Learning

Students with access    to fibre broadband learn more,     thousands benefit.We estimate the impact of ultra-fast broadband on schools’ academic performance using a difference-in-difference study of a new fibre broadband network. We show...

Impacts of Higher Education Institutions on Local Population and Employment Growth

We examine the relationship between higher education institutions (HEIs) and local population and employment growth, using a sample of fifty-seven New Zealand territorial local authorities between 1986 and 2013. We account for HEI endogeneity by...

Higher education institutions and regional growth: The case of New Zealand

Universities    bring extra population    and more employment.    We examine the relationship between the presence of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and local growth, using a sample of 57 New Zealand Territorial Local Authorities...

Why do we ignore the risk in schooling decisions?

While uncertainty abounds in almost any decision on investment in schooling, it is mostly ignored in research and virtually absent in labour economics text books.
This paper:
documents the scope for risk,
discusses the tough disentanglement of heterogeneity...

Firm productivity growth and skill presentation

Motu Economic and Public Policy Research and Productivity Hub agencies (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, Productivity Commission, Statistics New Zealand and Treasury) are working together to use the LBD to better understand New Zealand’s...

Productivity and Local Workforce Composition

This chapter examines the link between firm productivity and the population composition of the areas in which firms operate.
We combine annual firm-level microdata on production, covering a large proportion of the New Zealand economy, with...

Immigration and Innovation

We combine firm-level innovation data with area-level Census data to examine the relationship between local workforce characteristics, especially the presence of immigrants and local skills, and the likelihood of innovation by firms.
We examine a range...

Homeownership, Social Capital and Parental Voice in Schooling

We investigate the effects of home-ownership on parents' involvement in local school elections.
We use 2007 New Zealand school board of trustees data to examine whether schools where parents have high rates of home-ownership experience high...

Passing it on: The intergenerational transmission of human capital in New Zealand families

Produced as a Families Commission Research Fund report for the Families Commissions, Wellington.
This study examines whether differences in parental education are reflected in differences in children's scores on cognitive tests, drawing attention to the role...

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