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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Barriers to Adoption of No-Cost Options for Mitigation of Agricultural Emissions: A Typology

Something stops farmersMitigating emissions.Find the barriers.This typology is intended as background for assessing the existence and significance of barriers to adoption of no-cost mitigation options in agriculture. It is based on a literature review, including the...

Facilitating Carbon Offsets from Native Forests

Natives get rewards    Can we make it easier?    Birds and climate win.    This note aims to help firms looking to offset their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions reductions from native forestry sequestration...

New Offset Options for New Zealand

Storing carbon down    below ground and in the sea    makes a better world.    This report synthesises the current state of scientific knowledge around the issues associated with three innovative carbon reduction or removal...

Clear price signals in the NZ ETS

Outline of this presentation:Context: Climate change challenge
Context: Motu’s ETS Dialogue
Managing international emission reductions
Predictable policy and clear price signals in the NZ ETS
Managing domestic unit supply
Price safeguards
Making it happen
 Summary of key messagesNew Zealand’s purchase of international emission reductions...

Avoiding the Unmanageable: Getting to a low emission future

By the end of this century, the world needs to transition away from fossil fuel use and to a low emissions future to limit climate change. Technologies are rapidly evolving to make this possible but...

Implications of global emission policy scenarios for domestic agriculture: a New Zealand case study

In the post-Paris world of ‘nationally determined contributions’ to mitigation, the prospects for agricultural mitigation policies may rest on whether they are in the national economic interest of large agricultural producers. New Zealand is a...

Emissions Trading in Practice: A handbook on design and implementation

The Handbook synthesizes input from over 100 practitioners and experts from four continents, reflecting both the latest theoretical insights and best practices from existing emissions trading systems (ETSs).As of 2016, emissions trading systems were operating...

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme de-link from Kyoto: impacts on banking and prices

Linking is risky.     Others’ units surrendered,     much revenue lost.     The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) presents an opportunity to compare the theory of linked emissions trading with practice. From 2009...

Emissions Trading Scheme Forecasting Data - OIA16-0167

This data was received by Motu as the result of an Official Information Act request (OIA16-0167) it made to the Ministry for Primary Industries. 
The data received details a number of important metrics about ETS registered...

Climate, Emissions Pricing and Renewables

A presentation to Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association (AWATEA). 
The options for mitigation are many and varied. Understanding the climate implications of any action is really hard. Only private actors really know what can be done and...

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