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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Evolution of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Sectoral Coverage and Point of Obligation

Emission pricing can have more effect when it reaches far and wide.When it was launched in 2008, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) pioneered the design concept of implementing an emissions trading scheme...

Climate, Emissions Pricing and Renewables

A presentation to Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association (AWATEA). 
The options for mitigation are many and varied. Understanding the climate implications of any action is really hard. Only private actors really know what can be done and...

Promoting Innovation in the Private Sector

There’s controversy around the exact timetable, but general agreement that, over approximately the next 4 decades, GHG emissions have to be drastically reduced.
If we succeed, it is very likely that major components of the 2050...

Warming Up New Zealand: Impacts of the New Zealand Insulation Fund on Metered Household Energy Use

This paper was prepared for the Ministry of Economic Development,
We analyse the impacts on monthly metered electricity and reticulated gas use of the houses retrofitted with insulation or clean heat source under the New Zealand Insulation...

Cost Benefit Analysis of the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme

Produced as a report to the Ministry of Economic Development
This report summarises the results of an analysis of the costs and benefits of the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme. Under the programme, subsidies are...

A New Zealand Electricity Market Model: Assessment of the Effect of Climate Change on Electricity Production and Consumption

In this paper, we introduce an electricity market model and use it to explore the effect of climate change on electricity output and prices. It is calibrated to the New Zealand Electricity Market, and includes...

China’s Energy Situation and Its Implications in the New Millennium

Many are interested in China"s energy situation, however, numerous energy related issues in China still remain unanswered. For example, what are the potential forces driving energy demand and supply? Previous reviews focused only on fossil...

China’s Energy Economy: Technical Change, Factor Demand and Interfactor/Interfuel Substitution

With its rapid economic growth, China's primary energy consumption has exceeded domestic energy production since 1994, leading to a substantial expansion in energy imports, particularly of oil. China's energy demand has an increasingly significant impact...

Testing for Energy Market Integration in China

This paper investigates energy market integration in China by employing univariate, and panel-based unit root tests and Granger causality tests applied to a new energy price data set. We identify price series that converge either...

Competition for land between biofuels, pastoral agriculture and scrub lands

This report was commissioned by SCION Next Generation Biomaterials
It made up part of Scion's reports on New Zealand's bioenergy options from forestry. 
All reports, including CDs of supporting analyses, are available for purchase from Scion. 

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