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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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The gravity model of migration: the successful comeback of an ageing superstar in regional science

For at least half a century, and building on observations first made a century earlier, the gravity model has been the most commonly-used paradigm for understanding gross migration flows between regions. This model owes its...

Residential assimilation of immigrants: A cohort approach

This paper demonstrates the importance of distinguishing between successive arrival cohorts when assessing the impact of residential assimilation of immigrants on the spatial distribution of the population. We consider three cohorts of immigrants from each...

Residential Assimilation of Immigrants: A Cohort Approach

This paper measures the process of residential assimilation for three cohorts of immigrants from each of five countries of birth entering Auckland, New Zealand between 1991 and 2006. It tracks, and compares, the changes in...

Exporting, Innovation and the Role of Immigrants

This research uses Statistics New Zealand"s Integrated Data Infrastructure and data from the Business Operations Survey to investigate the correlations at the firm level between
employee characteristics and firm international engagement, and
firm international engagement and innovation.

Hiring New Ideas: International Migration and Firm Innovation in New Zealand

Poor productivity performance has been identified as a significant issue for New Zealand, and innovation is seen as a key mechanism for improving productivity growth. Understanding the drivers of firm innovation therefore represents an important...

What Happens to Diet and Child Health when Migration Splits Households? Evidence from a Migration Lottery Program

The impact of migration on food security and child health is likely to differ depending on whether children themselves migrate or whether they remain behind while other household members migrate. However, existing studies have not...

Immigration and Innovation

We combine firm-level innovation data with area-level Census data to examine the relationship between local workforce characteristics, especially the presence of immigrants and local skills, and the likelihood of innovation by firms.
We examine a range...

Accounting for Selectivity and Duration-Dependent Heterogeneity When Estimating the Impact of Emigration on Incomes and Poverty in Sending Areas

This was produced as World Bank Policy Research Working Paper 5268 
The impacts of international emigration and remittances on incomes and poverty in sending areas are increasingly studied with household survey data. But comparing households with and...

Natural Experiment Evidence on the Effect of Migration on Blood Pressure and Hypertension

Produced as BREAD Working Paper 284 for the Bureau for Research and Economic Analysis of Development, Duke University, Durham, NC
Over 200 million people live outside their country of birth and experience large gains in material well-being by...

How Important is Selection? Experimental Vs Non-experimental Measures of the Income Gains from Migration

Measuring the gain in income from migration is complicated by non-random selection of migrants from the general population, making it hard to obtain an appropriate comparison group of non-migrants.
This paper uses a migrant lottery to...

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