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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

The Impact of Science and the Science of Impact

This is Adam Jaffe's presentation to the NZAS Conference.
Funders of research have an obligation to measure and seek to maximize the effectiveness of their programmes in terms of their public objectives. While advancement of science is...

A Framework for Evaluating the Beneficial Impacts of Publicly Funded Research

Many public entities are interested in empirical estimation of the overall impact, in terms of benefits to citizens, of publicly funded research. These include:
increased incomes,
better health,
cleaner environment,
enhancement of social and cultural values, and
any other benefit...

Science and Innovation in Small Countries: Speculation and Research Agenda

The phenomenon of “spillovers” of R&D means that small countries can benefit from the research and innovation investment of larger countries, but also need a strategy for capturing locally the benefits of local research and...

The Changing Frontier: Rethinking Science and Innovation Policy

In 1945, Vannevar Bush, founder of Raytheon and one-time engineering dean at MIT, delivered a report to the president of the United States that argued for the importance of public support for science, and the...

Analysis of Public Research, Industrial R&D, and Commercial Innovation

This chapter discusses measurement issues underlying the science of science policy.

Promoting Innovation in the Private Sector

There’s controversy around the exact timetable, but general agreement that, over approximately the next 4 decades, GHG emissions have to be drastically reduced.
If we succeed, it is very likely that major components of the 2050...

The effect of public funding on research output: the New Zealand Marsden Fund

We should fund research.   But trying to choose the best   Doesn’t work too well. The Marsden Fund is the premiere funding mechanism for blue skies research in New Zealand. In 2014, $56 million was awarded to...

The Economics of Science and Science Policy

“Science and innovation have crucial roles in achieving high-quality economic, social and environmental outcomes for New Zealand.” Draft National Statement of Science Investment Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment May 2014

Category 5 or Tempest in a Teapot

A review of Falling Behind? Boom, Bust and the Global Race for Scientific Talent by Michael S. Teitelbaum.

Diffusion of Green Technology: A Survey

This paper surveys the existing literature on diffusion of environmentally beneficial technology.
Overall, it confirms many of the lessons of the larger literature on technology diffusion:
diffusion often appears slow when viewed from the outside;
the flow of...

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