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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Higher education institutions and regional growth: The case of New Zealand

Universities    bring extra population    and more employment.    We examine the relationship between the presence of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and local growth, using a sample of 57 New Zealand Territorial Local Authorities...

Infrastructure’s Long-Lived Impact on Urban Development: Theory and Empirics

We analyse impacts that infrastructure provision and other factors have on long run urban growth. Reflecting spatial equilibrium insights, growing cities have preferred attributes relative to other cities. These attributes may include natural characteristics, social...

Spatial Effects of Urban Rail Upgrades

We examine spatial impacts of major upgrades to an existing urban passenger rail service. The upgrades, to Auckland's Western Line, were announced in 2005. Anticipated benefits of upgrades should be factored into people's location and...

Any Port in a Storm: Impacts of New Port Infrastructure on Exporter Behaviour

This paper investigates the impact of port infrastructure on exporter behaviour, focusing on the opening of Metroport, a new inland port in Auckland. We model adoption of the new port facilities among local firms, and then...

Infrastructure and Regional Growth

This is a chapter in a physical book.

The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on Home Production Activity: Evidence from Rural New York, 1825-1845

This paper examines the home production activities of newly formed and long established households in rural New York over a twenty year period after the Erie Canal was built.
It shows that newly established households had...

Strategic Transport Choices

Why does transport deserve its own conference, its own government department and delivery agencies, its own trade journals, academic journals and books? The reason is not because transport is valued particularly in its own right....

Making Multiple Places into a Place: Infrastructure Governance and Planning in Auckland

This article was published by The Smith Institute.

Transport infrastructure, lock-out, and urban form: Highway development in Auckland and the United States

Evidence from the 1950s US highway building programme suggests that better roading infrastructure within a city makes it more attractive to migrants, but that most new development takes place in sprawling suburbs. These suburbs are...

Anticipatory Effects of Rail Upgrades: Auckland’s Western Line

We examine effects of urban passenger rail upgrades to Auckland's Western Line. The upgrades, and associated urban renewal projects, were announced in mid-2005. International experience indicates that the anticipated benefits of the upgrades should be...

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