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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Auckland and Productivity

Dave Maré's presentation to the Auckland Policy Office on why Auckland is "more productive".

Impacts of planning rules, regulations, uncertainty and delay on residential property development

This paper proposes a framework for how houses could be developed, with a focus on how regulatory policies and practices affect decision making. The authors surveyed property developers in Auckland on how planning rules and...

Any Port in a Storm: Impacts of New Port Infrastructure on Exporter Behaviour

This paper investigates the impact of port infrastructure on exporter behaviour, focusing on the opening of Metroport, a new inland port in Auckland. We model adoption of the new port facilities among local firms, and then...

Agglomeration Elasticities and Firm Heterogeneity

This paper examines three key issues encountered when estimating the relationship between agglomeration and multi factor productivity ("agglomeration elasticities"):
the sorting of heterogeneous firms,
the convexity of agglomeration effects, and
the challenges of identifying the impact of persistent...

Residential Sorting across Auckland Neighbourhoods

This paper addresses the extent to which people in Auckland exhibit residential location patterns that differ between groups, i.e. the extent to which they are spatially sorted.
To measure patterns of residential location, the paper uses...

Building Bridges: Treating a New Transport Link as a Real Option

A transportation investment that materially improves links between centres opens up previously unavailable options for new activities. Traditional cost-benefit analysis does not adequately take account of the value of this option; real options theory must...

Estimating the Determinants of Population Location in Auckland

This paper analyses the location choices of new entrants to Auckland between 1996 and 2006, to identify a systematic relationship between residential location choices and features of local areas such as population density, the population...

Patterns of Business Location in Auckland

We investigate the spatial determinants of industrial location and productivity variation within the Auckland Urban Area. For over 300 local areas, we consider the influence on location choice and productivity of proximity to selected infrastructure,...

Patterns of Population Location in Auckland

This paper uses spatial statistical techniques to examine the economic determinants of residential location patterns in Auckland in 2006. The primary empirical focus of this paper is descriptive. We seek to establish the extent to...

Auckland’s Knowledge Economy: Australasian and European Comparisons

Produced for the Ministry of Economic Development as MED Occasional Paper 11/02
This paper examines one key theme of modern spatial economics relating to city development: Do the major cities within and across countries increasingly attract a disproportionate...

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