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NZ Emission Trading Scheme Review Submission

This is the submission made by Suzi Kerr and Catherine Leining of Motu in the first round of the ETS Review of 2016.

Time-travelling on the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

Motu Economic and Public Policy Research has compiled an interactive timeline for the development and implementation of the NZ ETS from 2005 to 2015. It is intended as an information resource for:policy makers,
NZ ETS participants,
researchers, and

Lessons Learned from the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

A pioneer scheme  The foundation for much more.  Lessons learned? Perhaps.  The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) was launched in 2008 following more than a decade of policy deliberation on how emission pricing could...

Emissions Trading in Practice: A handbook on design and implementation

The Handbook synthesizes input from over 100 practitioners and experts from four continents, reflecting both the latest theoretical insights and best practices from existing emissions trading systems (ETSs).As of 2016, emissions trading systems were operating...

NZ ETS Review 2015/2016 Submission: Other Matters

This submission on the New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme 2015-2016 consultation on 'Other Matters' was prepared and submitted by Suzi Kerr and Catherine Leining in May 2016.

New Zealand: An Emissions Trading Case Study

 New Zealand has had an emissions trading system since 2008, designed to assist the country in meeting its international climate change obligations and reduce domestic emissions below business as usual. The system is currently being...

The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme de-link from Kyoto: impacts on banking and prices

Linking is risky.     Others’ units surrendered,     much revenue lost.     The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) presents an opportunity to compare the theory of linked emissions trading with practice. From 2009...

Emissions Trading Scheme Forecasting Data - OIA16-0167

This data was received by Motu as the result of an Official Information Act request (OIA16-0167) it made to the Ministry for Primary Industries. 
The data received details a number of important metrics about ETS registered...

Climate, Emissions Pricing and Renewables

A presentation to Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association (AWATEA). 
The options for mitigation are many and varied. Understanding the climate implications of any action is really hard. Only private actors really know what can be done and...

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