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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Facilitating Carbon Offsets from Native Forests

Natives get rewards    Can we make it easier?    Birds and climate win.    This note aims to help firms looking to offset their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Emissions reductions from native forestry sequestration...

New Offset Options for New Zealand

Storing carbon down    below ground and in the sea    makes a better world.    This report synthesises the current state of scientific knowledge around the issues associated with three innovative carbon reduction or removal...

Evolution of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Linking

Cooperation    lowers mitigation costs,    but linking is hard.   The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) was conceived as New Zealand’s gateway to the international carbon market with two objectives:assisting New Zealand to...

Evolution of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Sectoral Coverage and Point of Obligation

Emission pricing can have more effect when it reaches far and wide.When it was launched in 2008, the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) pioneered the design concept of implementing an emissions trading scheme...

An Effective NZ ETS: Clear Price Signals to Guide Low-Emission Investment

Smart investment needs    Clear ETS price signals    Set caps with price bands    Early in 2016 Motu Economic and Public Policy Research gathered together a group of participants from diverse backgrounds and sectors...

Clear price signals in the NZ ETS

Outline of this presentation:Context: Climate change challenge
Context: Motu’s ETS Dialogue
Managing international emission reductions
Predictable policy and clear price signals in the NZ ETS
Managing domestic unit supply
Price safeguards
Making it happen
 Summary of key messagesNew Zealand’s purchase of international emission reductions...

Cows, Sheep and Science: A Scientific Perspective on Biological Emissions from Agriculture

The science is clear.     When debating emissions,     consider your goals.     Biological emissions from agriculture (methane and nitrous oxide) make up almost half New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions, so their importance relative...

Assessing New Zealand's climate target ambition

Catherine Leining, Brian Fallow and James Renwick provide perspectives on NZ's climate change approach, as revealed at a panel discussion on 'New Zealand at Paris Climate Talks: Leader, Follower or... Laggard?'
NOTE: This article is behind...

Charting a course for New Zealand’s low-emission future

On 28 June 2016, Suzi Kerr presented to the Speaker's Science Forum on how to help NZ towards a low emission future.
In collaboration with the Speaker of the New Zealand Parliament, The Royal Society of...

Avoiding the Unmanageable: Getting to a low emission future

By the end of this century, the world needs to transition away from fossil fuel use and to a low emissions future to limit climate change. Technologies are rapidly evolving to make this possible but...

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