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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Barriers to Adoption of No-Cost Options for Mitigation of Agricultural Emissions: A Typology

Something stops farmersMitigating emissions.Find the barriers.This typology is intended as background for assessing the existence and significance of barriers to adoption of no-cost mitigation options in agriculture. It is based on a literature review, including the...

Major milestones of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme

When it was introduced in 2008, the NZ ETS was the first emissions trading system in the world designed to cover all sectors of the economy (with phased entry) and the six major greenhouse gases....

New Zealand's Low Emission Future: Transformational Pathways

What we do matters      The choices we make today         Safeguard our futureFrom May 2014 through February 2016, Motu Economic and Public Policy Research convened a group of about 20 cross-sector stakeholders...

Idea Bank of Pathway Milestones for New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future

Low-Emission Future Dialogue participants recognised that other experts were already conducting technical and economic assessment of New Zealand’s mitigation options, and sought to complement that effort by exploring what changes across society could help to turn...

A Timeline of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme

Emissions trading can be a powerful tool for helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. An ETS transforms a regulatory limit on emissions into an emissions price set by the marketplace, creating economic incentives for producers,...

Avoiding the Unmanageable: Getting to a low emission future

By the end of this century, the world needs to transition away from fossil fuel use and to a low emissions future to limit climate change. Technologies are rapidly evolving to make this possible but...

Briefing: An Integrated Framework for Stakeholder Processes on Climate Change Mitigation

During public consultation on the government’s 2030 emission reduction target (intended nationally determined contribution, or INDC), many stakeholders issued a strong call for greater public input into government decision making on climate change mitigation and...

Sheep and Beef Farm Survey

Documentation for the Sheep and Beef Farm Survey, including farm performance indicators, by farm class. Available from Beef + Lamb New Zealand Economic Service here.

Assessing New Zealand's climate target ambition

Catherine Leining, Brian Fallow and James Renwick provide perspectives on NZ's climate change approach, as revealed at a panel discussion on 'New Zealand at Paris Climate Talks: Leader, Follower or... Laggard?'
NOTE: This article is behind...

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