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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Money, sunshine, and rain: Exploring the drivers of rural land values in New Zealand over time and space

We investigate the role that climate plays in determining rural land values. We estimate a Ricardian model using a national meshblock level cross section of land values. A Ricardian model stipulates that the value of...

Does money grow on trees? Mitigation under climate policy in a heterogeneous sheep-beef sector

Ruminating on   methane. Land use will change and   someone’s gotta pay.I use simulations from the Land Use in Rural New Zealand model to consider mitigation for different classes of sheep-beef farms under climate policy. Farmers...

Yield to Change: Modelling the Land-use Response to Climate-Driven Changes in Pasture Production

Yields go up – and down    at times. But farmers respond    and now we know how.    In contrast to most economic drivers of land-use change, climate-related drivers display substantial geographic variation. Accounting...

A regional summary of 2012 land use

Motu completed land-use simulations for the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment in November 2013 using the Land Use in Rural New Zealand (LURNZ) model. The original model results were based on an initial land-use map...

Modeling the Impact of Carbon Farming on Land Use in a New Zealand Landscape

The opportunity for private landowners to receive carbon credits from reforestation, or "carbon farming," will change the relative value of land uses for landowners, potentially having an impact on land-use decisions. We constructed a spatial...

Documentation for DOC Public Conservation Areas 2014

The Department of Conservation's Public Conservation Areas 2014, covers the spatial representation of DOC's management units defined by various acts of parliament and legislation. The attributes in this dataset are derived from the (NaPALIS) National...

Predicting harvestability of existing Pinus radiata stands: 2013-2030 projections of stumpage profits from pre-90 and post-89 forests

Our goal is to predict which forests are harvestable in New Zealand each year, and the stumpage profits attained from harvesting. We begin by documenting how Motu updates the 2008 Land Use in Rural New...

Examining the Drivers of Rural Land Values in New Zealand

Rural land is a key input into agricultural production and a key source of wealth in New ZealandRelatively little known about the drivers of rural land values in New Zealand

LURNZ Documentation

This page describes and provides documentation of the different modules within the LURNZ model.
Please note that less recent Working Papers will not include the changes and enhancements made in the current running version of LURNZ....

Modelling Changing Rural Land Use in New Zealand 1997 to 2008 Using a Multinomial Logit Approach

Rural land use in New Zealand is an important driver of economic activity and has clear implications for the environment, including for biodiversity, climate change emissions and water quality. The spatial distribution and aggregate shares...

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