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e.g. Impact of earthquakes on housing

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Over the Hedge: Do Exporters Practice Selective Hedging?

What determines exporters’ exchange rate hedging decisions and do exporters attempt to “time the market?” We use a unique longitudinal dataset on firm exports to find the determinants of exporters’ currency hedging choices. Determinants include...

Exchange rate fluctuations and the margins of exports

This paper examines the relationship between exchange rate fluctuations and New Zealand export performance.
To isolate the impact of the exchange rate, as opposed to contemporaneous (and related) fluctuations in New Zealand's economic performance or overseas market characteristics, we...

Culture, Beliefs and Economic Performance

Beliefs are one component of culture. Data from the World Values Survey is available on a subset of beliefs concerning (broadly) meritocracy and poverty that appear relevant for economics. We document how they vary as...

Natural Selection: Firm Performance Following the Canterbury Earthquakes

The Canterbury earthquakes in September 2010 and February 2011 caused major upheaval to the people of the region. The second quake killed 185 people, forced many from their homes, and closed Christchurch"s central business district....

That Sinking Feeling: The Changing Price of Disaster Risk Following an Earthquake

Quake! drop, cover, hold     Then employees recover     and subsidy helps.    We treat the Canterbury (Christchurch) earthquake sequence as a potential source of new risk information to home buyers in New Zealand. We...

Passing the Buck: Impacts of Commodity Price Shocks on Local Outcomes

The extent to which exogenous international agricultural price fluctuations are internalised by rural communities is of major interest for policy-makers concerned with regional economic performance. So too is the link between rural sector performance and...

Sources of international investment data in the Longitudinal Business Database

The Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) links together firm-level data held by Statistics New Zealand from a combination of administrative and survey data sources. This linking has opened up a wide range of research opportunities. In...

Cyclical Labour Market Adjustment in New Zealand: The Response of Firms to the Global Financial Crisis and its Implications for Workers

This paper examines the dynamics of employment adjustment in New Zealand, focusing on the response of firms to the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis.
We use data from Statistics New Zealand"s prototype Longitudinal Business Database (LBD) to...

The Philpott Database: Macroeconomic and Industry Measures, 1959-2002

This archive contains many data sets collected by Professor Bryan Philpott of the Economics Department, Victoria University, Wellington in the 1970s and 1980s.
The data are macroeconomic and industry measures of the economy like GDP, Employment,...

Foreign Acquisition and the Performance of New Zealand Firms

Published firstly as the New Zealand Treasury Working Paper 11/06,
This paper examines the firm-level determinants of foreign acquisitions of New Zealand companies, and the consequences for both the purchased firms and the workers within those firms....

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