Current focus

Human Rights Measurement Initiative

Following a period of establishing connections with experts in the key relevant fields, Motu helped to convene a 3-day workshop at the Human Rights Institute at the University of Connecticut in September 2015.

This workshop brought global experts together to co-design what these human rights measures may look like and to plan for the next stage of work. Attendees included researchers and academics and representatives from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The World Bank, the UNDP and the Social Progress Imperative. The workshop was co-designed by Thinkplace Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Australia's and New Zealand's leading strategic design consultancy and facilitated by CoCreative Consulting.

World Circle DiagramThe workshop was successful in establishing a shared vision for the role that reputable measures of human rights could play in helping to advance human dignity around the world, and an initial understanding of how the advocacy, academic, policy and philanthropic communities can work together to make this happen.

Next steps will involve establishing collaborative governance arrangements and seeking funding for the project from International Foundations and impact investors. Motu is seeking seed funding to support the start-up phase of the initiative.