Key activities

Our global stock of knowledge is sorely wanting. Better data on human dignity will help create positive change.

The key activities of the Human Rights Measurement Initiative are:

  • working with researchers to collect data
  • design and computation of new measures
  • dissemination

Key elements that HRMI will produce


  • performance measures for each thematic area by country.

 Narrative analysis:

  • summary overview of key issues in each country.
  • stories from the field illustrating key themes.

 Action and research library:

  • examples of third-party campaigns using HRMI.
  • Library of research articles using HRMI.

 Technical library:

  • technical documentation.
  • stories from the field illustrating key methodological points.
  • independent reviews.


Examples of possible thematic measures

Freedom from: Torture | Extrajudicial killing | Political imprisonment | 
Disappearance | Arbitrary Arrest

Rights to: Food | Health | Education | Housing | Work | Free speech | Religion | 
Assembly & association | Electoral self-determination

Rights of specific groups: Women | Children | LGBT | Refugees