Key contributors

Working together to advance human rights

HRMI is a unique collaborative venture that will bring together NGOs, IGOs, national human rights institutes, and members of the public or citizen sector groups.

Better Data Circle

For NGOs, participation in this project means:

  • feeding into global knowledge sharing in a new way.
  • access to quality data tools to maximise advocacy.

For funding partners, participation in this project means:

  • using networks to assist data collection, dissemination, and use.
  • supporting the development of excellent independent data in order to help improve global human rights enjoyment.

Key collaborators are listed below.

Human Rights Researchers

Researchers working for human rights NGOs around the world will fill in an annual HRMI-administered online questionnaire that will convert the qualitative on-the-ground information that researchers have into more quantitative scales. This makes HRMI the first measurement-related bridge to be built between the human rights NGO community and the more academic human rights measurement experts.

Measurement Experts 

The HRMI team, which includes some of the world’s most experienced experts in the field, will use state-of-the-art techniques to develop reputable, reliable thematic measures and also quantify the uncertainty inherent in these measures. Our lead expert contributors are:

Supporting organisations include:

Future users of the data 

Measures will be co-designed to meet the needs of future users of the data, by constantly testing and seeking feedback.


A number of supporters are contributing professional expertise probono. HRMI is also seeking partnerships with philanthropic foundations and high impact investors.