Working at Motu

This is the page for information about job vacancies at Motu including:

New Director/Senior Fellow

Motu is currently recruiting for a new Director/Senior Fellow. Our ideal candidate will be both a leader and an experienced economics researcher with a track record of quality research.

Our new director will be flexible and energetic, with a passion for using economics to make a difference to the world. They will have a vision for how Motu can continue to increase its influence without compromising its core values. We would also consider a candidate with leadership experience in a research organisation and at least a Master’s degree in economics or a similar discipline.

This is a full-time role offering the unique opportunity to balance research work and directorial duties.

You can read about what Adam Jaffe has achieved in the role here.

More information about the role, salary, and application process are here.

Starting your career?

If you are starting your career you should check out the research analysts and interns page or see if you are eligible for a scholarship.

If you aren't eligible for an internship or RA position because you are heading overseas to do your PhD, you may be interested in the Statistics NZ Motu Programme for PhD Research. This will give you space at Motu for at least four months and free access to Statistics NZ's microeconomic data.

Are you a potential Fellow or Senior?

Motu welcomes approaches by potential Fellows or Senior Fellows. We will post a description of what we're looking for in Fellows shortly.

As a Senior Fellow you would be expected to have:

  • A PhD from an internationally recognised university,
  • A proven record as an excellent economic researcher,
  • The ability and willingness to attract funding for your research, and
  • The ability and commitment to support the values and objectives of Motu and its intellectual community.

If you are interested in becoming a senior fellow at Motu and would like more information, please contact Adam Jaffe or any of the Senior Fellows.

Are you interested in visiting Motu as a researcher?

Motu hosts top economic researchers visiting New Zealand, including those undertaking a sabbatical. Past visiting researchers from top universities have come to Motu to collaborate on research projects, have given seminars in Motu’s Public Policy Seminar Series, and made use of our resources and networks.

If you wish to be a visiting researcher, you can collaborate with Motu Senior Fellows and make use of Motu’s research and datasets. You are also able to utilise our networks with other researchers in New Zealand working in Universities or in Crown Research Institutes. Motu can also facilitate access to key people in government agencies.

If you are studying towards a PhD and wish to undertake an empirical research project using the microeconomic data on firms, households and individuals housed at Statistic NZ, you may wish to apply for the Statistics NZ Motu Programme for PhD Student Research.

Motu has very little funding to directly support visiting researchers, so you will likely need to source your own.

If you are interested in visiting Motu, please contact Adam Jaffe or any of the Senior Fellows.