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Waro: Reaching out to Māori landowners in Tairāwhiti to support carbon farming of native forests

Hikurangi Enterprises is connecting with Māori landowners to increase the role that native forests can play in helping to bring economic, environment and social benefits to Māori on the East Cape.

The Waro Project

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The Waro Project is a 3-year partnership (2018 – 2020) between Hikurangi Enterprises and Motu, funded by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

The goal of the Waro Project is essentially to help identify the opportunities and barriers to reforesting Māori land in Tairāwhiti with native trees with support from the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme.

One of the ways the Waro Project is going to achieve that goal is by engaging with Māori landowners interested in participating in the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme as they go through the process of putting their native forestry into the Scheme, and secure, engage and contract with buyers for the carbon credits they earn from their native forests.

We want to understand and document the decision-making, negotiations, engagement and experiences of those landowners to provide insights on how communities and landowners can efficiently use carbon markets to encourage increased profitable native forest regeneration on Māori land in Tairāwhiti and how other key groups can make profitable native reforestation easier.

As part of this project, we have created some videos talking with people who have already been involved in carbon farming in Tairāwhiti. We are also creating some tools to create a helpful, transparent and accessible pathway for Māori landowners to follow. Tools such as a decision tree, a calculator and standardised contract templates will also be created alongside this project.

Interested to learn more or be involved? Contact the Hikurangi Group.


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